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Why see John Crist?

john crist on tour!

The hotly anticipated John Crist is hitting the road, witness the viral video funnyman return with his wheeze-inducing stand-up routine and colorful characterisations, as well as fresh new material and never-before-seen-sketches. Heralded as the next big thing in comedy and a forerunner of Christian humour, Crist has amassed over 300 million views with his insightful sketches about the quirks and nuances of the modern Christian faith, drawing big laughs with videos like 'Millenial Missionaries', 'Road Rage In the Church Parking Lot' and 'Lady Who Has A Bible Verse For Every Situation'.

Proving you don't have to be crass or sensational to make people cry with laughter, Crist's boundless and infectious energy sends off his audiences with a bounce in their own step. Lovingly poking fun at the weird behaviors and practices of his fellow church-going brothers and sisters, Crist gets away with it not only because he's an insider, but because he voices thoughts many Christians have had themselves. As well as featuring special guests from the comedian's popular videos, Dustin Nickerson and Mike Goodwin will be joining Crist on select dates.

Key Information

Run Time

One hour and 30 minutes


Sep 28


Customer reviews

5 reviews, average rating: (3.6 Stars)


Very funny

I love John and had seen him before in Kansas City a few years ago. I was with my husband, who is very hard of hearing. It was very difficult for him to be able to hear and understand, so wasn't as much fun for me as I wish it had been. Hearing impaired people have a really hard time with the hand held microphones. Still liked the show. ... Read more


Good show

John is very enthusiastic in his show. If you grew up Christian or are a Christian now you'll find alot of this relatable and funny. If you support lgbtq people like I do, some of the jokes from the 2nd opener will be triggering. As the mom of a Trans son I was disheartened by the claps and hollars about the recent Budweiser controversy. I tried to just let it go and enjoy the show. I did but I just want others to know so you're not going into it blind like me. ... Read more


John Crist is Awesome

He’s hilarious. Hands down one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. ... Read more

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