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Customer Reviews for Nurse Blake

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Mary schmidt from Jensen beach
22nd December 2023

He was so funny , I never stopped laughing. My advice a myst see

Nurse Blake- Laughter is the Best Medicine

Diane Felci from Boston, Massachusetts
14th October 2022

Nurse Blake's humor and stories are the real coping medicine of nurses of not only today, but for this 40+ year retired nurse. Laughter and real experiences helped us cope with the stress and pressure of bedside nursing even in the 70's. Yet, it is truly a gift to meet and care for people in crisis and know that you made a difference. To remain compassionate, you have to be able to laugh and in the end laughter is the "best medicine" for coping. Blake your stories reinforce that reality. Thank you for a great evening and reminding us of that. Can't wait to see you again! Come back to Boston soon!!

Shock Advised Tour 2023

Sarah from Knoxville, TN
13th October 2023

I first discovered Nurse Blake online. A lot of his content was hilarious! But honestly..I felt like it ended there. The first 30 minutes of his show seemed to have become a vent session about his family life and recently getting a divorce. I felt too much dirty laundry was aired (not to mention vulgarity). I felt this disconnect in wondering if it were about nursing, or his own perception. I just got lost. The last hour I felt like he was scrambling for content, coming up with anything to stall time. A lot of the stand up was old I had already seen online. I think he's sweet and can captivate an audience, but I do think these reviews should be reviewed by him to know how to turn the tour around!

Enjoyed the first tour more…

Kathy Anderson from Indianapolis Indiana
17th December 2023

First off, I adore Nurse Blake, I have followed him from the beginning. The PTO tour was so funny and uplifting for all nurses. This tour seemed to make fun of the different nurse specialties rather than emphasizing how great we all are. I know he’s been divorced and his life has changed, but I didn’t feel the warmth that I felt in the first tour. I agree with the others about the swearing, occasionally is fine, but he went overboard this tour. I still love him, and laughed at lots of his stuff, hoping to hear more upbeat and supportive material next time.

Too much

K from Detroit, Michigan
22nd October 2023

The skits I had seen online were fine. Totally disappointed with the continuous vulgarity & lewd actions. His program is definitely RR rated. Sorry - but, this does NOT represent the nursing staff I work with. I will say he is high- energy & probably feels he is representing the dilemmas faced by nurses in various situations

Too much personal life

Kayla from San Francisco, California
28th October 2023

Wasn’t really relatable/funny/what I’d expect for shock advised. I hoped for more focus on healthcare, but instead so much about his personal life -cousins, parents, divorce - which really wasn’t funny… tried to make it vulgar and I don’t think it landed with the crowd. I think people attend the shows to hear about medicine and that’s really not what we got a lot of. When we did get it, it would be something already circulating online or at the very end he does a roast, but even that fell flat. Disappointed unfortunately!